Fairbanks update…

All the flights worked out ok, so I’m now in Alaska! Staying in Fairbanks for the night with a friend of a friend. Tomorrow morning, I take the Dalton Highway Express up to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay (a 16hr drive) and start biking south on Weds. Got bear spray and food, so along with the bike I hopefully have everything I need. The journey back to Fairbanks is about 500 miles of wilderness, so blog updates will have to wait until I’m back in the city- could be anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Time to try and get some sleep despite the everlasting sun (11pm and it’s as bright as any proper summer day!).


6 thoughts on “Fairbanks update…

  1. Alaska’s nomenclature is top-notch [sincere].
    This is like the fifth time I’ve read Prudhoe as Prude ho.

    Bear Spray is a thing?! Excellent. Following this blog is already totally worth it.

    Stay safe in the wilderness!!
    (Obviously, I’m talking to the bears. They don’t stand a chance against you.)

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