San Cristobal Snapshots.

Caught in that vortex. Traveling rule, the longer you stay the harder to leave. Looking at the map together, Peter says why go, just settle in, stay. But my time is coming soon. San Cristobal snapshots.

image Old-school VW bugs, integral Mexican identity.

image Street coloring.

image Locals and indigenous people selling goods.

image Fruit among them.

image Plentiful.

image To escape the city, head into the surrounding mountains. Various iOS and Android apps can supply GPS routes, though the backup option is just to get away from the highways and start on the network of back roads.

image Riding into the countryside.

image To the church at San Juan Chamula, a Catholic church that the local people reclaimed.

image Back in town, past the unmistakable smell and sound of a tortilleria, the machinery within pressing and shaping masa dough into those small discs.

image Bean vendor in the market.

image Lookout onto the city.

image Meet the parents.

image Who bring some gear and clothes, some to swap out, some to use just for the week.

image Travel to ruins, these at Toniná.

image Atop a pyramid.

image To Palenque, massive Mayan site farther east in Mexico.

image Greenery and vegetation, in abundance.

image Alternative transportation.

image Some bike maintenance and tuning.

image Family shot.



Border hopping, Mexico to Guatemala to Mexico.

imageA friend from Iowa City, some time in Germany, lived in Mexico City for a while, in Chile currently- we met in California- has Guatemalan roots and says she’ll be visiting there for a few days. I’m some muddled mix of European gringo roots, am in Mexico, and that’s close enough to arrange meeting up. Slightly too far to bike in time, which is maybe a blessing after seeing the mountains between San Cristobal and Guatemala City. So instead Ace gets stashed in a hostel in Mexico, and I jump on a few buses. There and back in a few days- fast transit! Ximena, good to see you!

imageThat border crossing. Full of money changers and street vendors selling every type of clothing or knick-knack you might want.

imageThat bus- first class! I.e. what only tourists take.

imageAnd back to Mexico!