Very Rough Estimated Route


Here’s a very rough estimate of the planned route through the US and Canada. Alaska is supposed to have some great riding; the first stretch from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks is about 500miles on the Dalton Highway, a completely isolated road that exists only for truckers to get supplies to the oil fields up at Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. Outside of Fairbanks is the Denali Highway, which by all reports is a beautiful remote gravel road through Denali National Park. Then into Canada, coming down through BC and Alberta to Banff. From Banff, if the snow holds off, the plan is to cross the US on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, which links Banff, Canada with Antelope Wells, New Mexico through the Rockies. But my plans are flexible- if anyone knows any great places (scenic/biking/hiking/other) along the way, let me know!


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