What to do in Tulsa in the snow? Race bikes.

Daniel and Tara took me in for a few days. Daniel is a top mechanic at Spoke House, a great bike shop in the city. Tara is a coffee expert and goes to grad school, I got a lesson in coffee roasting. There was a cyclocross race today. People were simultaneously excited to ride the snowy course, and dreading how many layers they needed to wear. Temperature didn’t rise close to freezing all day. My toes would have been cold if I could feel them.


Ride to Daniel and Tara’s apartment. The bike path hadn’t yet been plowed.


Cold water.


No snow under the covered bridge.




Bikes everywhere, all so light.


Mass start. Can you pump your legs fast enough to warm up?


Across the frozen canal.


Daniel, getting past the barriers.


At the end of a race. Easier to collapse than to climb the hill again.

Thanks guys for the shelter from the storm! Tulsa is not a bad place to be stuck.


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