Rainy season storm, Panama.

5/29/14, Day 325.

San Juan, Panama, on the Panamerican Highway.

A clear sky at 3pm lunch, next town in 20km, head there for a coffee. Leave under blue skies, look up 12km later and see dark clouds ahead. Nothing around but construction so just keep on going, up the pace a little, feeling good. Keep on going, soon everyone knows what’s coming, construction guys start to point at the clouds ahead or point up and laugh instead of just waving. Nothing to do but continue. Darker and darker, plus now scattered lightning ahead, keep an eye for trees to duck under if need be but keep riding, keep pushing, regardless. Get to 19km and luck has held, except shit, hill ahead, the buildings are all at the top. Get to the bottom, charging now, rain lets loose, sudden rain, big fat drops coming down driving as hard as I am. Up the hill in the rain, soaked in 400m, but there’s a mini super at the top, head straight for cover under the eaves. 10 seconds later a guy comes galloping up on a horse, he had the same idea. Eyes meet, rueful shake of our heads. Brightside, free showers now if anyone needs one.