Stranded in Tulsa, OK.


View from Tulsa truck stop. Winter snow storm descended today. I got a ride into town for a one-day opportunity to see a friend. That worked well, but the plan for leaving was to grab another ride out this morning before the storm landed. Got up early, got out to a good spot, waited, nothing. A few people stopped but no room for the bike. Suggestion was made to go to the nearby truck stop, probably a good suggestion, but nearly everyone was headed north and east, not south and west. Stood outside all day, watched my water bottles freeze. Cold not too hard to deal with, wore enough clothes and could go inside to warm up, harder was the feeling of powerlessness. Roads no good for biking. Rolled over to a nearby motel right before dark, a trucker very kindly paid for half of my room. Thanks. Will see what tomorrow brings.