Whitehorse; Rest Days.

Just downed a cup of coffee and a white chocolate chip cookie, now just lounging at the bakery. Guy at the table next to me, looks mid- to late-20s, sitting in his chair with ease, has an old paperback book with the cover torn off on the table in front of him. He’s just sitting though, relaxing. Maybe he’s taking a rest day too. Could definitely be traveling, what with the paperback and the way he just sits, watching the town. People around us getting up and moving on with their lives; it’s 6:30, maybe they’re going home to make dinner. It was a short day of riding to get here, Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon. Biggest city around with 30,000 people. Time to rest for a little while.

The next day.

Mountain biking time. Jesse, WarmShowers host, knows the trails around so he and his girlfriend and me go for a ride. Trails are right outside of the city, 10-15 minute bike ride from town and bam, you’re on singletrack. First the trail hugs a sandy, rocky cliff, be careful, mispedal and you’re falling down the side into the river. Rock gardens too, all focus is spent fighting for traction. Then over the bridge to the other side of the canyon, and suddenly the sand and rocks are replaced with dirt and forests. Still singletrack, but the trail is slightly wider, no longer have the fear of falling off the side of a cliff. This is mountain biking, so fun, justifying the suspension fork, though probably ridable with a rigid one. But here can feel the front tire and front suspension squish beneath you as you ride. Sometimes trees pop up on each side of the trail, and the handlebars, wide for comfort and control, barely fit, sometimes necessitating hitting the brakes and easing Acero between the two trees. Other times roots shoot out of the ground, and the water bottles on the fork fly out, trying to defect to Canada I guess. Bottom bracket height takes on meaning here on an actual trail, what with the roots and sudden rocks and all. Got to remember to keep those pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock too or they’ll be skipping off the rocks. All in all, riding for probably one and a half to two hours, stop for ice cream at the end and then head home. Great finish to the day.


5 thoughts on “Whitehorse; Rest Days.

      • It’s probably at least worth getting on their radar! You are building up incomparable experience for designing great bikes later.

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